Nigra Arborvitae


Common Name: Nigra Arborvitae
Botanical Name: Thuja Occidentalis ‘Nigra’
Type: Evergreen Tree
Hardiness Zones: 3 through 7
Mature Height: 20-30′
Mature Spread: 5-10′
Bloom Time: Non-Flowering
Bloom Color: Non-Flowering
Fall Color: N/A
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade


Thuja Occidentalis Nigra, commonly known as American Arborvitae, Eastern Arborvitae, Eastern White Cedar or Northern White Cedar, is a dense, conical, often single-trucked, evergreen tree. It is a conical cultivar that will grow to 20-30′ tall and 5-10′ wide. It features flattened sprays of drak green foliage that retains good green color throughput the year including winter. Seed cones are not particularly showy.


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